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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dine Original 2004

Blue Point: 1) Blue cheese, pecan, arugala salad.

2) Scallops, butternut squash
3)Creme brulee

Flying fig: 1)Duck quesadilla or calimari
2)Local greens salad
3)Chicken or hangar steak or halibut
My father and I have reservation here for friday

Johnny's Downtown: Different menu each day

Matsu: You can look at the pictures that I took to see
what I ate. They have two other options. One is a
sushi dinner : seaweed salad, sushi appetizer, sushi
entree. The other is steak and lobster.

Nighttown: 1)Duck breast with poached eggs or Caesar
2)Salmon or chicken
3)Apple crisp or home-made eclaire

One Walnut: 1)Butternut squash flan or mushroom bisque
2)Salmon or duck or pork tenderloin
3)Cheese course or rasberry swirl cheesecake or
flourless chocolate tort.

Sergios: 1)Butternut squash soup or mussels or shrimp,
mushroom wonton
2)Skirt steak pomidoro(?) or thai angel pasta with
scallop or tilapia with ginger scallion sauce.
3)Guava tart or chocolate terrine or apple berry crisp

That Place on Bellflower: 1)onion soup or shrimp or
walnut, blue cheese salad 2) beef Wellington or
seafood lasagna 3) chocolate or cheesecake

This is a complete list of restaurants participating in Dine Original week, annotated with interesting bits of information that I gleaned from menus or reviews. This map of six of them may also be helpful.

Beach Club Bistro ,

Blue Point Grille They have a Caesar salad with white anchovies in addition to the steak and bouillabase.

,Boulevard Blue , Kobe burger. With 4 yr old cheddar. Truffle chicken breast.

Cabin Club They make their own mozzarela for a steak dish.

Delmonico’s. A $50 antepasto salad "tower"

Fire ,

Flying Fig review Sweetbreads. Mozzarela/tomato salad.

GameKeeper’s Taverne ,Gavi’s ,Grovewood Tavern ,J. Pistone Market & Gathering Place ,John Q. Steakhouse ,Johnny's Bar,Johnny’s Downtown ,

Matsu Japanese Restaurant , I talked to the host/owner person about Dine Originals so I'd feel guilty if I didn't show up. Besides the scallop/potato thing sounds very good.

Molinari's Everybody's got Kobe, I guess

Mom's, Moxie ,

Night Town , The bangers and mash here is excellent

Noggin’s Raw Bar & Pub ,

One Walnut One of Cleveland's finest and most highly regarded. Braised short ribs.

Pearl of the Orient ,Players on Madison ,

Sage Bistro Examining their menu just put them at the top of my list. Charcuterie plate!

Salmon Dave’s Pacific Grill Lobster rangoon. Probably sounds better than it tastes. Along with Cabin Club, Delmonico's and Thirsty Parrot this restaurant is associated with Blue Point.

,Sergio’s in Univ. Circle Brazillian food

That Place I remember being very impressed on a number of previous visits. The restaurant has gone through a lot of changes and I think it's time to see if they've recovered to the quality that I remember. They actually have a couple of salads that I'm interested in trying. Salmon. Russian egg.

Theory Appetizers:sweetbreads, rare olive oil poached tuna, butter poached lobster. Entrees: Kobe burger. Braised short ribs. Scene's best new restaurant of 2004.

Yours Truly

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