Stuart Blog 2: Things Cleveland needs

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Things Cleveland needs
Done properly this could be amazing. Does such a thing already exist for Cleveland?

While we're on the subject of cool things in Chicago that Cleveland should copy, remember that community professional kitchen? It's a kitchen with professional tools and appliances and all the necessary certifications from the city required to produce and sell commercially. And it's available for rent by the hour. It's an incubator for small food businesses. It allows people to transition between cooking for lots of their friends and maintaining their own commercial kitchen.

Or this idea from SF? A mobile farmer's market. Farmer's markets are great but hardly anyone is aware of them. They'd be a lot more popular if they were loud, bright, shiny and stalked customers like prey.This is great for communities that are saturated by unhealthy food options. It would be a great opportunity for kids who could learn about healthy food as they worked on the truck.

Cleveland needs to use RSS and tags more. I can't go from site to site for all of Cleveland's cultural, civic, arts, food organizations looking for information. It's impossible to keep up. Some combination of rss and tags could make it easy to keep up with exactly what you wanted across the entire city. Blogs with automatic rss are nice but there was that website that provides rss feeds with or without an html presence. iCal, rsscalendar, technorati, That beta calendar site that created a buzz recently? It would be desirable to have a web site act as a central repository for feeds. It would be pretty and it would be a hook for people who aren't in the system yet but it would be easy for Clevelanders to keep up with feeds and news without it.

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