Stuart Blog 2: Walking with the camera

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Walking with the camera

A walking tour of Churches in the Tremont area. There are 14 churches along the path. It's 2.46 miles. The area is divided into quadrants by 90/490 and 71. This route covers the churches in the Northeast quadrant.

The Southwest quadrant has four more churches. They're all on or just off a one mile stretch of Scranton. The Northeast quadrant contains only one which is at the corner of W 25th and Monroe. This map includes positions for all the churches.

Here's a 2.15 mile stretch that runs mostly along Fairmount and Coventry. I travel it every week by car on my way to the Coventry Farmers market.

I think that today I'll photograph the section that runs along Fairmount. Hopefully, tomorrow, I can photograph a significant portion of the churches.

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