Stuart Blog 2: Meet the Bloggers tempest

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Meet the Bloggers tempest

Tim Russo spewed obscenity. Apparently this isn't questioned by anyone and I can't imagine what reasonable defense there might be. The myriad other issues being analyzed in such great detail by the NEO blogosphere are all distractions. I'm curious about Brown's role in the original incident. It would certainly have a bearing on his fitness for office but it shouldn't have any bearing on Russo's place in Meet The Bloggers. A journalist, or a blogger with journalistic aspirations, shouldn't be dragged into yelling and obscenity. An assistant of Brown's called to cancel. The assistant was polite and made it very clear that the Brown campaign valued the goals of Meet The Bloggers. I can't think of one reason to fault the Brown campaign in this incident. Running for office should involve engaging in civil discourse about issues. When someone has shown that they can't be trusted to communicate that way there's no point in showing the courage to face them.

Whatever Brown's culpability, his judgment will come in the voting booths. Russo's should come before this ridiculously unprofessional behavior tarnishes the credibility of Meet The Bloggers. If Tim Russo is involved in Meet The Bloggers then I think that I may cancel, too.

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Ohio 2nd said...

Advice to politicians and their family members: If you don't want crazy bloggers like Tim Russo cussing at you, don't start yelling at them at Christmas parties.

Personally, I'd probably start laughing, but I've got a wierd sense of humor.

Daniella said...


You are diminishing the fact that Brown waited three weeks after the incident to cancel. Everyone knows Russo, he did curse no doubt but apparently Brown immediately verbally attacked him and then asked his wife to give him support. It looks to me as if they were teaming up against Russo.

Tim had no intention of antagonizing the Browns in Columbus or to make the Meet the Blogger segment less than cordial and professional.

Read the transcripts and you will see that he never set anyone up, I'm afraid that I can not say the same for Mr. Brown, I think he is no gentleman.

redhorse said...


you're absolutely right. the gap in time b/n his committment, but in particular the the incident, and the cancellation of mtb is the issue. it's too long, makes him look weak.