Stuart Blog 2: So how often do I eat at Siam Cafe?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

So how often do I eat at Siam Cafe?

This often:

Scroll up so that you can see the week that begins with Sunday, August 20. That five week span captures my most concentrated period of Siam Cafe indulgence. At least, recently. This widget only goes back in time 10 meals.


febeblue said...

hi-dee-ho there, I'm looking for an online menu from Siam Cafe...any guidance?

stuart_spivack said...

Sorry. I'm afraid I'm not aware of any online copies of the menu at Siam Cafe. I have 100+ pictures from Siam Cafe. Most of them can be found in this set at flickr. The pictures must represent at least several dozen dishes. Maybe 15-25% of the menu. I'm doing my best. It may take another year or more but I'll get a menu of sorts on flickr eventually.

I highly recommend Siam Cafe. You can pick up a take out menu while you're there.