Stuart Blog 2: Miles Farmers Market

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Miles Farmers Market

sticker Miles Farmers Market is not a gourmet shop. It's a grocery store but it seems to be the area's go-to spot for exotic or premium foods. signI first resolved to explore Miles Market when I heard that they carried Zingerman's gelato . I finally did explore Miles Market after I heard that they carried H&H bagels. A chance to particpate in Food Destinations #4 may have provided just a little extra bit of motivation, too.

A nice bagel is enough for me to call it a day and declare a winner but the breadth of Miles Market's stock is impressive in every department. Want some butter? butterHow about beurre d'Isigny? Plugra? Goat butter? Ghee? All available, amongst several others. Chocolate? I've grown accustomed to seeing Scharfen-Berger but I was pleased to see Vosges Haute Chocolate. Vosges Haute ChocolateI'm only sorry that I didn't document the mind-boggling array of salts, olive oils and honeys.

What goes with those bagels? How about some Sarabeth jam? Markets throughout the region have acres of aisles devoted to jam and they're packed with fancifully shaped bottles of extravagantly priced jam but I never saw Sarabeth's until I visited Miles.

bagel, jam and cream cheese

My visit to Miles Market was more than just a shopping trip. I was surprised many times by products that I'd only read about amongst other unfamiliar products that I'm sure offer yet more delightful surprises. A gift certificate to Miles Market would be a gift that I'd be happy to receive and proud to give.

Zingerman's hazelnut gelato
Hazelnut gelato - delicious

prepared foods

Some prepared food. I see crab pretzel bread

More prepared foods

They have little cups of hot sauce for their sandwiches. That's a detail that appeals to me.

Cheese aisle



Note the house made croutons in the foreground.

Bread from a neighborhood bakery


rachel said...

that is my dream store! look at all that cheese . . . I bet they have some good wine to go with it too.

Michael Walsh said...

I'm finding your photos to be very interesting, specificly the shots of plated food at Siam, and Lola. I am trying to take similar style pictures with a kodak easyshare c130 camera for my blog, but you seem to getting better resaults than i am. if you have any tips please share.

JD said...

Hi Stuart - I didn't see any contact info on the blog so I'm hoping you read all of your comments. I'm looking for some insight into a potential project that involves local blogging. I currently run which is based out of Akron, and I think you're in the Cleveland area maybe we could chat sometime - email if you're interested.

JD Amer

mlighter said...

Stuart - My mouth is still watering! What a great store - only something you'd find in the mid-west. If you ever get up to Frankenmuth, MI, there's a butcher shop in town that has 101 types of sausage. You can also get some of the best fried chicken there as well. Take care.