Stuart Blog 2: I spy something beige. Superbowl party.

Friday, January 14, 2005

I spy something beige. Superbowl party.

Is it a computer?

The whole point of this entry is to play with the new Technorati Tags feature. I guess the enry has to actually be about something then. Let's start again.

The Superbowl party planning is coming along quite well. I'm getting potato chips from Maui Potato Chips and Zerbe's Chips. I'm also excited about brisket and BBQ brisket from Mister Brisket. Also farfel, cole slaw, chicken breast and rolls. I have to remember to call Sokolowski's in a couple weeks to order the pierogi. If I have time, tomorrow I will call Archie's about the cake.

I tried to find something to link to "farfel". There is only very limited information. I guess it will be up to me to fill it out, if even just a little.

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