Stuart Blog 2: Sushi party

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sushi party

I'm going to go to Kimo's for a sushi lesson. I'll learn how to prepare rice, nigiri, sashimi, rolls, etc... That way I can help when a friend throws a sushi dinner party. I wonder if I'll learn anything about tamago. It would be nice to have some vegetarian rolls:Oshinko (radish pickles), Kampyo (gourd), mint leaf & plum paste, burdock.

There are some things that we could buy prepared to supplement our homemade sushi: Dashi from The Souper Market. Soba salad from Trader Joes.

Questions for Kimo:
More material in different classes?
Cooking for one?

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stuart_spivack said...

Duh! I need to go to an Asian grocery and browse. There should be all sorts of good stuff that I've never even heard of.

*Asia Food Co: "Take Out" "Fresh fish"
3126 St Clair
Columbia Asian Food &Gift
Dong Duong Indochina Grocery
*Golden Bakery:"80 cent BBQ pork buns and mocha rolls"
3030 Superior
Good Harvest Foods
3038 Payne
Kim's Oriental Food
3700 Superior
Kobawoo Oriental Food Market
4709 Pearl
Oriental Food & Gifts
4271 Mayfield
Nippa Hut: "Filipino products"
6775 W130
Saigon Trading
10246 Lorain
Southest Asian Food Market: "Cambodia, Laos and Thailand"
6108 Lorain
Sugarland Food Mart: "Phillipines"
5790 Ridge
Tink Hall Food Market: "fresh-fish department" "Cooking utensils"
2999 Payne (Asia PLaza)
Vietnam Market
5426 Detroit