Stuart Blog 2: Neighbornode

Monday, October 24, 2005


My recent post on Fon, the Spanish peer-to-peer internet service provider, drew out a commenter who pointed out a similar project right here in Cleveland: Tremont Wifi. I've always wanted to know more about Tremont Wifi. How many homes have wifi access? What are their current plans? I couldn't get any of this information from the web site.

Prompted by that comment, I hunted done yet another similar project I'd seen a while back: Neighbornode. Neighbonode provides technical assistance to neighborhoods that want to provide community Wifi. Their website is unfortunately no more informative than the Tremont Wifi homepage. They seem to have established dozens of hotspots across the country but it's unclear whether they're currently growing or whether any of their neighborhoods consist of any more than a single hotspot.

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George Nemeth said...

Get in touch with Steve Goldberg @

He can tell you all about it.