Stuart Blog 2: Share WIFI, build a WIFI Nation

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Share WIFI, build a WIFI Nation

Share WIFI, build a WIFI Nation :

There's a company in Spain that's creating a peer-to-peer internet service provider. To clarify, this is not P2P over existing internet service. Rather, it is an ISP whose bandwidth is partially provided by customers. This is a brilliant idea. I'm sure it's not original. I've been aware of it for some time and I can't believe that I came up with it on my own. Nonetheless, it's a brilliant idea and it makes you wonder if something is really going to come out of it. The entrepeneur in charge has a track record of success.

While this is a commercial venture, I wonder about the possibility of deploying this sort of service as a cooperative. Commercial or community, I'll tag this one "don't hold your breath." Verizon broadband costs $50/month. How much would this cost? A fraction, surely.



steveg said...

This is the model that Tremont Wifi neighborhood is using!

stuart_spivack said...

I've always meant to learn more about Tremont Wifi. How much contiguous area does it cover? How many residents can use it from their homes? What is it's current plans for expansion?

The website doesn't have very much information.

I'm going to post a link to a similar project called neighbornode. They have helped set up wifi hotspots in states across the country.