Stuart Blog 2: Broadway Free Library

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Broadway Free Library

Broadway Free Library
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That's a very powerful image. In 2006 hardly anyone would consider it remarkable that society subsidizes access to knowledge for it. Everyone's accustomed to "free" libraries. Sadly, the dream of universal access to vast stores of accumulated knowledge is far from realized and is in retreat on many fronts.

Intellectual property wars probably had very little to do with why this library was abandoned. Still, I'm ambivalent at best to see a beautiful stone sign proudly proclaim "FREE BOOKS" over a building that won't have them.

Of course, if you've seen any substantial portion of my photostream you may be surprised at my lack of enthusiasm for a new restaurant. Let me just say that there are lots of restaurants that come and go. While I've yet to see anything to suggest that this one will be mediocre, I've yet to see anything suggest that it will be good.

Enough pessimism. It's a sharp building and best of luck to the owner and to his neighbors.

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