Stuart Blog 2: Walking

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, I was obviously going somewhere with this post but it's languished in the draft folder for too long. As it is, there are some interesting links. That will have to be enough. I'm afraid I no longer have anything more to offer this scraggly pup but a kick in the rear into the bright light of the blogosphere.

Wundersmanner - that caught my attention and set me on a google adventure. I started by trying to capture the associations that occured to me before they escaped: flaneur and psychogeography.

Then there was the guy that walked every street in Manhattan. The woman who mapped London by walking its 3000 miles.

A manifesto for the New Walker
. After you've read that click through to browse their "mis-guides."

Outside Lies Magic

Googling wandersmanner only turned up one worthwhile site but that site led me to some interesting sites.

Kymerica Huh?

The idea of Dickens prowling the streets of London demands further investigation. London Prowl.