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Thursday, December 29, 2005

CleveWiki quickies

I mentioned in another post as a way to help keep track of the web presence of various Cleveland organizations. It may take some work to integrate into CleveWiki. In the mean time, there's plenty of valuable information there to be stolen.

Cleveland : I've got a somewhere between 400 and 500 web sites for galleries, libraries, theaters, dance troupes, singers, authors, etc... Feel free to copy this wholesale.

In particular, over 200 of those are restaurants, markets, bakeries, confectioners, etc... Whoever's in charge of the restaurant category may be interested in these.

Chef Moz should be a great resource for CleveWiki. It's data is available for free. It might also be a good way to contact more helpful volunteers. The Cleveland restaurant section is edited by Sadukie and ZiggyDaMoe.

ChefMoz is a part of the Open Directory Project. I'm not sure that ODP is still under active development but their outdated data is still a wonderful resource. There's a page for Ohio Colleges and Universities. There's a page for Cleveland news and media.

Plugged In Cleveland already has a restaurant database with over 2000 entries. They also have a well populated events database and classifieds and rental listings.

Here's one last item for the inspiration bank: the Chicago Learning Guide.


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