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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some tools for the CleveWiki

One of the first components of the portal will be an events system. I recommend There's an API so events can be entered programmatically. There are RSS feeds and iCal feeds so events can be extracted and manipulated conveniently. has first-mover momentum and now that they're under the Yahoo! umbrella I think that we can count on them to be available and actively developed for the foreseeable future. Zvents doesn't really seem to be aware of Cleveland but they have a lot of nice features. Eventful has the advantage of being pre-populated with a large database of bigger events. There's no reason the CleveWiki couldn't use a combination of these services.

Craigslist offers RSS feeds. I think they permit use of the RSS feeds for non-profit purposes. is a great way to keep track of the web presence of different. I have several hundred web pages catalogued: museums, galleries, theaters and, of course, resaurants.

Rock Hall
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Library Detail 2
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Flickr already has hundreds of great pictures of Cleveland. Flickr is an easy way to store and organize pictures and integrating them into CleveWiki from flickr would be simple. When you're using flickr for location specific pictures then the next natural thing to think of is geotagging. Geobloggers is taking a rest but you can get an idea of what I'm talking about at flyr.

Using existing resources on the web is crucial to the success of CleveWiki. It doesn't force users to duplicate their efforts to provide content. It generates rich content by letting users go about their regular web ways.


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Tyler Kovacs said...


I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. Looks like your putting a lot of good thought into CleveWiki.

During our initial launch, Zvents is currently only collecting event and venue information for the San Francisco Bay Area. We'll be expanding across the country starting early in 2006. Also, people are free to add Cleveland venues and events to our system at any time.

We've also just launched an embeddable version of our large calendar - you can read more here:

We'll be releasing a second generation version of this calendar shortly. We're designing it so that sites like CleveWiki can easily list, view and search through local events. If you're at all interested, I'd be happy to share more details about our plans (both expansion and features). Just drop me a line at tyler.kovacs [at]